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Treating the WHOLE Traumatized Family
Presented by the Family Trauma Institute in collaboration with the Rinogroep.

A child often needs both the immediate and extended family to overcome adverse traumatic experiences to heal long term.
If the extended family is involved, therapists are often unsure what their role is or how to actively incorporate them into trauma treatment.

Join Dr. Scott Sells to learn:

• The top reasons why we do not actively engage the extended family in trauma treatment.

• The FST (Family Systems Trauma) Diagnostic Village Handout to quickly locate your family's extended family or village and determine who is supportive and non-supportive.

• How the FST Diagnostic Village Handout will lower your client’s resistance to contacting and engaging their extended family.

• How to create and implement what is called a FST Extended Family Trauma Playbook using a case example, and how this technique can be generalized to your cases.

With family permission, video case examples from a recorded case virtual consult will be shown.

There is no cost for the webinar, however, registration is required. RECORDING and handout will be available to all registered participants.

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Scott P. Sells, Ph.D., LCSW, LMFT, AMFT Approved Supervisor –Scott holds a Ph.D. in both Marriage and Family Therapy and Social Work from Florida State University. He has over 20 publications and has authored three books including Treating the Traumatized Child: A Step-by-Step Family Systems Approach (Springer Publishing, 2017).

Scott specializes in working with impossible or stuck cases whose families have not been successful with other counselors. Learn More: http://familytrauma.com/
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