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How to Get Parents to Show Up and Cooperate
Parents often enter treatment with a “just fix my kid” mindset and refuse to engage or change themselves. To address this problem, this free webinar will show an innovative FST (Family Systems Trauma) Motivational Technique based on a 5-question script that uses strength-based questions to quickly build rapport with your parents using a simple 15-minute phone call before your first session.

Video excepts from actual FST Motivational Calls will illustrate key moments of change. Whether you are a counselor, case manager, or parent support advocate, you will greatly benefit from this technique.

Join Dr. Scott Sells to learn:

• Motivational interviewing strategies to engage even the most difficult parent or child in trauma treatment

• A 5-question FST Motivational script handout that you can immediately use the next day at work.

• Learn how to deliver the FST Motivational Script through audio case

Intensive Q & A with Dr. Sells will follow this discussion.

Reference: Sells, S.P. (2018). Treating the Traumatized Child, A Step-By-Step Family Systems Approach. New York, NY: Springer.


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