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Healing Anxious Families
Would you like to learn more about the FST | Family Systems Trauma model? Please join Founder, Dr. Scott Sells, in partnership with the RINO Groep, for this introductory webinar on how the FST Model works to heal anxious families.

Did you know that anxiety travels in families? As children become more anxious, so do their parents and the entire family. Without family trauma treatment, the root causes of the child’s anxiety are left untreated.

Dr. Scott Sells will share:

(1) How parents unknowingly overaccommodate their child’s anxiety and how you can reverse it.

(2) How “strongholds” are created such as blame and shame lead to root causes of anxiety in both parents and children.

Reference: Sells, S.P. (2018). Treating the Traumatized Child, A Step-By-Step Family Systems Approach. New York, NY: Springer.

NOTICE: This webinar is organized with the RINO Groep. The RINO Groep will be following up with additional information about the FST Masterclass after the webinar.


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